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Transport aerien commercial

Commercial air transport

Commercial air cargo solutions and unbeatable levels of customer service

We are in contact with a large number of agents all over the world in order to offer you the best service. Thanks to the combined expertise of our partners and ourselves, we offer you a highly specialized approach tailored to the industry requirements so that your commercial air cargo is delivered quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Whatever your market, Nova Containers is your most efficient and reliable partner in providing air transport for all your products, as fragile or perishable as they may be.

Give us a call today and let our experts devise a strategy to optimize the efficiency of your commercial air cargo transportation.

Your most efficient commercial air freight movements

  • Nova Containers has dedicated, competent staff, available at all times and certified on all continents to take care of transport logistics;
  • We provide airport-to-airport and door-to-door delivery; fast delivery times;
  • Handling of goods requiring temperature and humidity control; high level surveillance;
  • Global handling network.

Cutting-edge expertise in air transport

Air transport is subjected to increasingly stricter safety standards and restrictions on the space and weight of goods. It is also the fastest and the most reliable way to ship globally. To offer an efficient, quality air transport service, Nova Containers has partnered up with experts trained and experienced with working on precise schedules, pre-established destinations and all the regulations involving the goods, their components and their handling requirements. Over the years, Nova Containers and our partners have developed a sharp expertise in air transport and a solid knowledge of the logistical, administrative and customs constraints linked to this constantly evolving mode of transport. Whether you are an importer or exporter, you can count on the expertise of Nova Containers to take care of every detail and ensure peace of mind.

Transport aerien commercial
Transport aerien commercial